Sassari: the old chief-town of North Sardinia


The old capital of North Sardinia, is Sassari. Located in the fertile Nurra, a short distance from the main tourist resorts and tourist area, and last capital of the judge of Torres.

Today Sassari is the economic and cultural heart of North Sardinia, home to one of the oldest universities of Italy, surrounded by a large industrial and commercial area,called Predda Niedda. Founded by the people who lived on the coast of Porto Torres, who settled in Sassari to escape the barbarian invasions and the unhealthy swamps of the coast, became, over the centuries,royal city under the Aragonese domination, as evidenced by theCastle whose remains recently unearthed, the capital of the last judge of Arborea under the domination of Doria, Savoy city in 700.

Witness of the ancient people who inhabited the territory is theNational Museum Sanna, which preserves artifacts and antique furnishings found in North Sardinia. The center offers testimony of the various historical realities that affected the town, such as the remains of the castle walls, the University established at the end of ‘500, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas born in the Middle Ages, Romanesque but with an array of stylistic influences of Aragonese rule, the the palace Usini of the sixteenth century in Tola’s square, the seat of the municipal library, the Ducal Palace of ‘700, the seat of the Municipality of the town of Sassari.

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