Alghero: the little Barcelona of Sardinia


Destinations par excellence of North Sardinia, also called Barceloneta, a small Barcelona, ​​for its Catalan origin, is Alghero. The city, one of Sardinia’s principal is one of the main gates of access to the Island, thanks to the airport which is close to Fertilia, as well as the capital of the Coral Riviera, whose name derives from the fact that the waters of its bay is the largest amount of red coral, fine quality, which is still caught by underwater coral, one of the main activities of an economic and cultural center of Alghero, so that the coral branch is inserted in his arms.

Alghero is home to one of the largest and most prestigious vineyards, the estates of Sella & Mosca, known worldwide for the production of wine, such as Cannonau, Vermentin0 and the famous Torbato. Seals, founded in the late 800 by two adventurous from Piemonte who reclaimed the area, are open to the public all year to visit, taste and buy locally products.

Alghero is also history and archeology: the ancient remains of the Neolithic period (fifth millennium BC) found in Grotta verde, Capo Caccia, the domus de Janas, Necropolis Anghelu Ruju (3500 BC), from the Nuragic village of Palmavera to the Roman villas of Sant’Imbenia and the Roman bridge of Fertilia, until the conquest by the noble Doria family of Genoa in ‘XI century, Alghero and its surroundings have been a place of conquest and residence of ancient people that have influenced the habits and customs.

But the last historic character, still visible in its urban layout and culture of the city, is certainly the Catalan. Yet the use of the Catalan dialect, which is also the sign of the historic center of Alghero, as well as the construction of a clearly Spanish Churches and the majestic presence of watchtowers and defense of Aragon origin, following the promenade of Alghero and its shores.

Alghero is also nature, as its territory which is in the area of ​​Capo Caccia with the nearby Isola Piana and the Gulf of Porto Conte, host natural marine protected area called Capo Caccia – Isola Piana. The particular geological (karst) makes the area rich in caves and gorges, still largely unexplored.

The famous Caves called Grotte of Neptune, are accessible from the sea, with daily departures of comfortable boats from both of the ground (via the famous Escala Cabirol, of 656 steps), and offers a fascinating halls, swimming pools, stalactites and stalagmites of particoular forms, such as the organ.

Alghero is excellent cuisine based on fish, caught in the pristine waters of the Gulf, such as the famous and delicious Catalan lobster.

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